Mother - Anery het Albino

Father - Ghost het Albino

2014: Moonglow / Ghost / Anery 66% het Albino Litter

Pair: Ghost het Albino (Argon) x Anerythristic het Albino (Althea)

Born on Mothers Day (5-11-2014), Althea our Type 1 Anery het Kahl Albino birthed 2 Moonglows, 2 Snows, 8 Ghosts 66% het Albino, and 5 Anerythristics 66% het Albino. Because both parents Althea and Argon where het Kahl Albino, the Ghosts and Anerythristics have a 66% chance of being het Kahl Albino. All Anery genes are  Type 1.


On 12-7-2013 I spotted copulation! Her gestation period was 155 days, giving birth on 5-11-2014 with the onset of a late snowstorm that moved into Colorado. Post Ovulation Shed on 1-22-2014, 109 days before parturition. She kept them in as long as she could and for that I am always thankful! 


All the babies are healthy, strong, and feeding well. Mom is doing great, this was her first litter so she is getting ready for some time off. 


Althea came from a Wild Caught (WC) Anerythristic female imported as a baby. The WC was later paired with a Kahl Albino het Anerythristic producing her litter in 2008, she was then sold to us by Constrictors NW. Althea then bred with Argon, which makes this litter 1/4 fresh WC blood in terms of fresh genetic contribution. No further information was provided to us.