2016: Albino Roswell-Laddertail het Anery Litter

Pair: Roswell-Laddertail het Kahl (Bernoulli) x Anery het Kahl (Althea)

Bernoulli our 2008 Roswell-Laddertail het Kahl (50% BCC) from Heather Martin proved out.  He fathered a strong litter with amazingly stunning Albino RLT's het Anery, RLT's het Anery 66% het Albino, and Het Anerys 66% het Albino.

The mother Althea came from a Wild Caught (WC) Type 1 Anerythristic female imported as a baby. The WC was later paired with a Kahl Albino het Anerythristic producing her litter in 2008, she was then sold to us by Constrictors NW. Althea then bred with Bernoulli, which makes this litter 1/4 fresh WC blood in terms of fresh genetic contribution. No further information was provided to us.

We are thrilled with this litter born 4-30-16 with almost 3/4 of the litter being beautiful RLT's! Althea dropped this litter with a spring snow storm and low pressure system at 108 days after POS. The babies and mom are doing great! See the pictures below of the parents and litter. Currently for sale boas are listed under the AVAILABLE tab above.

Father: Roswell-Laddertail het Kahl (50% BCI, 50% BCC)

Mother: Anery het Kahl